Monday, March 28, 2016

Attic Bedroom Ideas

Attic Bedroom Ideas have little bad reputation for being dark and cramped that will make your attic as the end place you need to move your bedroom in. however, if you can decorate your bedroom well, you will transform your attic of cobweb ridden into a comfortable and cozy bedroom. The attic of bedrooms is the well getaway for the guest in the long term as well as the permanent of family member and the attic bedroom will be especially useful addition for families growing. Here, I will give you some ways to make your Attic Bedroom Ideas. The first is keeping the light. There are many attics that are very little natural light and relatively small. The color of dark tend to create the spaces to be smaller, however the light color will make the room looks brighter and larger. The color of light yellow and white are especially effective for making the appearance of additional light. The next is making the ceiling with slanted a lighter color than the room rest. The ceiling with dark slanted can look oppressive and will give the effect of ‘caving in’ ceiling. Even if you take bright or the medium color on the wall, you should keep the ceiling with slanted a light color to accentuate the height of the room instead of shortening it. The third step is painting the room into, one solid color to keep it as open as possible. If you are concerned with the space up with opening, sticking into one color of solid is very good way to reach your goal. The fourth is giving the texture that can alter the ambiance of the attic bedroom. The next is creating an accent wall and painting the wall with a picture or pattern. Using the paneling and accentuate exposed of ceiling beams with the paint are the last steps to make your Attic Bedroom Ideas.

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