Monday, March 28, 2016

Floating House Design for The Future

You are tired of spending holidays and free time at the mall? How about a vacation to the beach or lake? Attractive option right? It would be more interesting and awesome if provide with floating house on the beach/lake. With this floating house design you are presented with a variety of beauty. The beauty of the home, his uniqueness and beautiful view. You want to play a speed boat, simply remove the boat that parked in the garage, you can directly enjoy the speed boat. Fishing, swimming and enjoy the beauty directly on the beach will make your holiday more fascinating .
You do not know much about floating house? According to floating house designer from Portland, Oregon named Robert Oshatz floating house is a new lifestyle and property innovation and sophisticated. Floating house emerged from the United States. Floating house is not like home made ​​boat. Floating house does not have its own driving force. The building is just standing on the field that can float or raft docked, but still connected to the power grid and got the water lines and waste disposal services. U.S. citizens who live in floating houses in the city of Seattle has survived for more than a century.
In ancient times, the United States chose to live in floating house on the beach near the house because they are used for industrial purposes and ship freight. The water was dirty because of waste, both industrial and domestic, often dumped directly into the water. However, after the port of lakes and rivers clean, stay on the water was a luxury lifestyle .
As time, a lot of architects who bring new innovations. One of them by designing floating houses with exceptional design. Many factors were behind them made ​​the ideas and beliefs floating house as a future home .
1 . Lots of people who live in the city and the mainland has filled with housing and industry. Later will come when someone fed up with the boisterous atmosphere and they chose to live in a natural place and utilize natural conditions.
2 . Lots of lakes and waterways that can be used under license. It was rather difficult to do, considering the waters belong to the state and existing laws. But if the waters be set made ​/ make land into the waters may be different .

To create a floating house design is not easy, must mastering the following sciences :
1 . Civil engineering
2 . Hydraulics
3 . Hydrology
4 . Wood construction
5 . Engineering mechanics
6 . Engineering
7 . Construction materials technology
8 . Analysis of the waves and the sea breeze
9 . Marine science
You do not need to learn all the sciences. Because now a lot of architects will help you realize the floating house in accordance with the scientific .
Things to consider when you want to make a floating house is :
1 . Budget
Floating house design is not a typical design. Fortunately floats require concrete, robust design and a good decoration is definitely need high budget.
2 . Access
Floating house that are likely far from urban. If you are working in urban areas, access will be far and might be difficult .
3 . Function / usability
If the floating house is used for permanent housing / shelter so maybe both of the consideration above are continuous. But if just for a vacation or a refreshing place, it does not matter.I have a good idea. Realize your dream and can give you profit. Floating house design can be used for investment by rent it. Good idea right? Happy saving.

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