Saturday, March 26, 2016

Home Decoration Halloween trend : Discover them

Home Decoration Halloween – One of the funniest and scariest holiday of the year is about to take place, if, I’m talking about Halloween celebration that every year I dedicate a special post, a way to discover and live the night of witches and days prior to the holiday, discovering the latest decorative trends, and all because the proposals for this celebration are becoming more and varied, respecting the conventions but moving and innovating in the creation of atmosphere, seeking a balance between thematic yes and aesthetic appearance that is part of our day to day.

Gradually, this celebration has been expanding in our country, achieving greater acceptance to become part of our culture, it is a fun way to celebrate the traditional feast of Saints. For lovers of the decor, it becomes more a pretext to change the look of their homes, put up creativity and customize spaces, creatingOrange is the most representative base tone and Halloween because of the color of the pumpkin, element characteristic of this traditional American holiday, but over time has been working and has evolved into a more elegant and sophisticated concept, so that we find designs that suit any space and situation.

The pumpkin is associated with autumn and has a strong presence in home decorations during the month of October and that is why we are committed freshest styles and care and reserve the typical faces and designs more terrifying for Halloween night, in order to differentiate the meaning of that night from the rest.

We found more sophisticated designs, decorated gourds and decorated for the occasion, you are finished using metallic paints, or recreate geometric shapes, he even dresses fabrics, or decorate with glitter … A variety of perfect details to personalize this item, give free rein to our imagination.

But Halloween is more than pumpkins, many compositions that can be made by combining them with items such as candles, flowers or fruit, among others, as they connect perfectly with all kinds of natural elements really attractive options when making a nice center table or a representation of this subject in some corner of our house.

As a novelty, wreaths and banners with additions to become stronger, decorate, acclimate and according to your design, we will see layer to recreate a particular style of Halloween, because, as we can see, a single party can be experienced and represented in different ways.

As I say, the most advisable is to combine the star element with others in small strokes and decorate any space, from the entrance to our house to welcome using a warm light that can be achieved with the use of lanterns, to the table where we will celebrate together with friends by creating an elaborate centerpiece, to an area enable as terror in the area to include reasons that make you feel a certain coldness and terror, as if it were a haunted house, to spend a while of the most fun.

How about decorating your home in the days before Halloween betting on a distinguished style and care? Of the proposed view, which do you feel more identified? I’d love to know how you live and your individual Halloween traditions.

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