Monday, March 28, 2016

How to Design a Small Living Room

No matter how big or small your living room, the point is the way how the users can design the living room can seem bigger and wider. By designing a small living room, you are actually challenged to put out all of your creativity. There will unnecessarily hire an expert decorator to do it for you. It will not only spend your bank but also improve your creativity.

The Way to Design Small Living Room Hereby, there are some tips on how to design a small living room, as follow. It is considered as an easy one.

1. Throw away the clutter. The simplest thing is removing the additional accessories that you might not need. You can reduce and get more space although you cannot use lots of things.
2. You need to make sure that the furniture you use does not block the pathways in the living room. It avoids you to have a hectic situation. Do not add and use too much furniture in your living room.
3. When you have a large table placed in the living room, it can be replaced with the smaller one. Unless you think that the table is important, you can store it away.
4. In creating the effect of a large space, adding the mirror will reflect the elements that you want to emphasize, for example an ethnic mirror or sliding doors.
5. For the wall color, you can think about bright and neutral colors and stay away from the pattern wallpapers. If you want to connect two different rooms, you can use the idea of similar line of color with a different main color.
6. In order to cover the window, you can use sheer curtains. If it is possible, allow the light in as much as you could.

Additionally, you can actually follow all of these steps totally or you can either create it with your own style to make a different result.

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