Monday, March 28, 2016

Interior Design – Lighting & Small rooms

Interior Design Lighting

When we talk about quality of home lighting overrides quantity. Good lighting is the true creator of environments. The lighting will improve interior comfort and bring the rest of the house, thus having an effect on our spirit. For here we see that the lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior decoration.

Every home needs a different type of lighting. Compact fluorescent lamps are ideal for parts that are constantly illuminated, making it possible to create a lighting environment, and also because the walls themselves for the rest require less strong illumination with different light sources.Halogen lamps are used in the partitions where you need lots of light. Incandescent lamps are suitable for complementary areas of the house and the garage. For the garden, it is preferable to solar energy. We also have lamps with lights of variable intensity and multiple foci: one, two, three lamps, lamps … are very useful because we can get the light more or less depending on our needs at this time.
Small rooms

Before decorating a house, the most important factor of all is the comfort. A house is not just a roof that shelters us, but it is also a place where we spend a lot of time and we felt very comfortable.

It is important that combines the beauty in the choice of different decorations, furniture or simply decorative items. But especially in terms of furniture is especially important in homes with small rooms, which is comfortable, but mostly functional.

You should avoid buying something just because it is beautiful, especially in terms of furniture, think about it if the piece is also very pretty functional.

Especially in small houses is an important factor, since it is necessary to take all the small spaces available, without the divisions become “atafulhadas” things. Try combining the comfort, beauty and functionality of each object acquires.

As for the colors to use should be based on light colors, with great brightness to its division appears to have more space than you really have. You should also bet on the mirrors in strategic locations as they give the impression that the division is larger than it really is.

Especially for the decoration of the small rooms remember to bet relatively lighter in color with tones that are enhanced with the lighting of the abundance that the division must be mobile also bet on specific functions and not just to take up space on the furniture because they are beautiful, bet also reflects in the house to make you feel bigger.

Do not forget that in the housekeeping smaller divisions is essential, so the best option is for furniture that fits more than one function.

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