Monday, March 28, 2016

Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Installation Guide

Have a kitchen pantry cabinet at home actually has many advantages for the homeowners. It can be used for store lots of appliances perhaps can’t be stored in other space of the kitchen. The cabinetry system at there isn’t only useful but also eye catching and we think it is part of the kitchen decoration. By there is Kitchen Pantry Cabinet at there, of course it will make the kitchen atmosphere feels fresh, stylish and modern. But it can be a problem when you can’t install it by yourself. A pantry cabinet installation is almost same with installation process of the smaller cabinet. It should be carefully to prevent get starches your wall or your new cabinet. Let’s see tips and full kitchen pantry cabinet installation guide.At first, please put the studs inside the wall where the kitchen pantry cabinet will be installed using a stud. Then you can also try to mark the studs by using pencil. Place the separated toe kick into the proper position on the floor. Do it carefully in order not to scratch the floor or wall around it. Try screwing the toe kick into the wall by using a strong drill and up to 2 1/2 inch grabber screws. Separate the grabber screws with 12 inches apart. Use a pencil to mark lines on the wall where the edge of the cabinet will sit.Try measuring from the line into the each stud that is situated. It will allows you to know where should place screw in behind of cabinet while installation. After that, you can also lift the kitchen pantry cabinet to the detached toe of kick. Slide the cabinet position and adjust the edges of cabinets till the previous drew on the wall. Install the shims when needed. You can install shims underneath the cabinet between the actual cabinet and the toe kick. Measure where each stud is inside of the cabinet and mark the line again in the middle of stud. Put the grabber screw approximately 2-1/2-inch in each mark and tighten the cabinet using a drill again. You can continue it till all the screws have been installed properly. Let’s try DIY. Good Luck!

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