Monday, March 28, 2016

Kitchen Trends 2013

Kitchen Trends 2013 – Kitchen trends 2013 are chic and modern designs that remain in every home, so a kitchen is the most important right environment for the family and also is essential for the best recipes of the weekends and to share with family. So in order to have a beautiful decorated with their decorative elements I’ll let some tips trend 2013 for you to renovate your kitchen and give you a pleasant and comfortable for everyone.
Neutral tones on walls:

Kitchens trends 2013 are original in decor should govern freshness in the environment, which should create a nice and neat. Therefore every corner of the kitchen should have a clear and bright tone to the walls can do a great job in decorating with these neutral tones. Also white is the predominant color on the facade of the kitchen, but there are also shades that were gradually taking more intensity so you can be the role of a kitchen decoration.Besides white gray gaining strength kitchen trends 2013 also comes the decoration of a kitchen as it provides warmth to the home environment.
Light in the Environment:

If your kitchen has a window facing the street can take advantage of the natural light coming in and properly distribute power throughout your kitchen, the walls can also add light colors that help recreate a better environment. Then the artificial light is also important so you can cook in the afternoon or evening, so good lighting and location could give better visibility to our family atmosphere.

White light is the best choice for kitchens and especially this blaze is delicate to expand our display also saving bulbs are excellent choices for small kitchens or larger kitchens you can use fluorescent light fittings.
Clear Colors furniture:

You have to put eyes in the decoration of a kitchen and the furniture must be simple, modern lines that you can spice up your environment , and furnishings with vintage shapes are better designs that come close to what shabby chip that is a modern model versatile elegance to any kitchen and which you pick natural wood tones and white.
Kitchen Island:

If you have a kitchen, you can definitely recreate an island in the kitchen and give it a new decoration that suits your modern style. So you have to take time to decorate your island and not let isolated in decor, and you can recreate with a pair of lamps on them to take center stage in the kitchen trends 2013.
Trends in Appliances:

Like any home environment must have a modern decor with suitable appliances, in this case the trend of kitchens point to technology accessories simple, clean lines that dominate the metallic silver for a beautiful kitchen decor.

So if you want to have a nice atmosphere I will then propose some decorative accessories so you can decorate your kitchen elegant

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