Monday, March 28, 2016

Natural Bathroom Design Tips

This time I will share interesting tips in Natural Bathroom Design. Cool, comfortable, and natural.
What kind of bathroom you desire? Compared white tiled floors, or similar natural setting? Everyone has different tastes.
If you want a bathroom close to the real natural atmosphere, four bathrooms worth ogled the selection below. All four elements apply as a natural stone floor and wall of the room. In fact, the rock element is dominant.
Four bathrooms rocks dominated the atmosphere turns out different from each other. There is a bright and memorable atmosphere for application wide stone light colors, there are also the more upbeat “dark”. The combination of dark and light stone color displays real natural atmosphere.
1. Natural and Open
Natural bathroom design touch with the concept of open space looks to be the main design idea bathroom is 2.4 × 2.3 m. Natural elements present on the use of natural materials, such as andesite to cover floors, marble mosaic irregular shaped, and gecok Bali as wall coverings.
Bathrooms are also many uses of openings, such as the back wall were deliberately not full. Such walls are in a dry area where the toilet, and has a shower wet area. Wet area has a low floor 50 cm. Square with size 130 cm x 130 cm, so the activity seemed to bathe in a large tub.
Wet area behind the barrier using transparent glass walls. But you need not fear peek behind the wall because there is still a void width 70 cm concrete walls.
2 . Stone accents and Barrel
The 2 m x 3 m sized bathroom. Shower area measuring 1.25 m x 0,9 m the left side of the room. The floor of the fire coral studded cement plaster. 210 cm tall wall hanger that is where hand shower brush coral accents. On the right there is a pottery bowl 50 cm in diameter as the tank water. On the left, there is a white closet.
This space is rich in sunlight because most roof using glass tile. Betel ivory and dieffen bachia also thrives because it is always exposed to direct sunlight. Glass sink with teak table, which is mounted against the wall. Bathrooms complement the natural ambience of this light.
3 . Coral stone on the floors and walls
The bathroom is tiny, measuring 1.8 m x 1,3 m. Full patch around the stone walls. White coral taped one by one on the wall parallel to the shower area, while the green coral cover affixed to the wall behind the toilet. The combination of both makes the artistic space and not dark.
Darker colored rocks to cover the floor around the toilet. It is kind of broken stone, which is assembled into the floor. This type of stone chosen to distinguish the toilet area with shower area is floored coral brush, although both these areas are also restricted plastic curtain.
4 . Crock Modifiers Atmosphere
Stone jars were placed in the corner of the bathroom area of 3 m 2 . 58 cm in diameter and had a foot of stone. Outside agency jars lined Horizontal stripes. Function to be a substitute for bath crock.
In addition to jars, extra wall behind the toilet there is stone broke. In the top corner there is a white orchid plant sweetener room. 83 cm high wall, acts as a barrier as well as toiletries container. With 15 cm thick and 73 cm long, with matching wall materials crock. This is a solid match jars and stone walls that makes a natural bathroom design.

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