Saturday, March 26, 2016

Paris Themed Bedrooms

Paris Themed Bedrooms are the bedrooms that have the accessories and decorations of Paris. Paris Themed Bedrooms is suitable for the people who fans of Eiffel tower. The fashion designer with the name Andrew Gn makes the nook breakfast of apartment of Paris with an example of the collection of vast ceramics that includes French faience and English cream ware. The cabinet of chinoiserie spice in 19 century and the tablecloth with the stripe is the linen of vantage. Antiques of dealer Olivier and Pascal took the decorating and the collection of entire of new level, restore and make the decoration very beautiful in the seventeen century property in the champagne east of country in Paris. The sideboard of antique finishes with Paris grey layer finish and graphite chalk paint that are decorative paint by Louis blue and annie sloan mixed with old white for the inside part. The traditional of French patisserie get the presentation of futuristic tempura controlled dome and the glamour and infusion innovative. The la patisserie des reeves show the packaging and decoration are very important as like the food. The custom made rug completes a dining area in the apartment of Paris. The writing desk that is antique completes in Paris grey and coco chalk that are decorative painted by Annie sloan in the cottage in Oaks. The Paris mansion or we can call Chez Marie gave the backdrop as like the poetic for film, the photographic inspiration and editorials of fashion. Most of the girls in word are very fond of going to Paris to see the Eiffel tower. Even they try to make the decoration of their house by using the Paris Themed. You can also use the Paris themed for your bedroom of the children. Many people often use the special decoration by using Paris Themed Bedrooms.

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