Monday, March 28, 2016

Prepare your home for spring

Prepare your home for spring – Although we are only in March and this winter has been particularly long in many parts of Europe, it is time we start preparing for the spring home and nothing like cleaning it. The typical spring cleaning is a great time to keep valuables winter and renew the look of home. It is possible to achieve a delicate atmosphere, bright, organized and is a tribute to the next station without investing too much money. Follow these tips to decorate and organize and say hello to spring now.

1. Cleans the mess! This is a good time to clean up the mess that has been collected over the last months. Open the curtains, let in a little sunshine in every room and dedicate yourself thoroughly clean every corner. You can use to rearrange the furniture, as desired. This completely renewed space!2.  Clean your face: whether you live in a house with a porch or in a building put some time to clean the front door. You can even clean or replace the carpet in the entrance.

3. Be filled with green: This is the time to get rid of old plants and placed synthetic some fresh flowers, greenery and live plants. Spring is a good time to brighten up the home with the colors and aromas of real plants.

4. Clean the fireplace: If you have a fireplace you’ve been wearing all winter, this is the right time to clean all those old ashes and soot, although the follow using a little on cold nights, deal worth it.

5. Renews rugs: If you have carpets, this can be a great opportunity to change the carpet for a more light and cheerful, soft fabric suitable for spring or summer. If you have no other to change, try to distribute them in different places around the house for a fresher look. Be sure to clean and remove any dust accumulation.

6. Let there be light: This is a good time to begin to open the blinds and curtains, clean the windows, put sheer curtains and find other ways to let the beautiful light of spring into your home.

7. Change the accessories: Look around your house, check boxes, cushions, tablecloths, vases … This is a great time to redecorate your home, changing some simple accessories for other spring colors and designs.

8. Clean your fans: If you have ceiling fans and tiring, it takes time to clean and remove dust properly, including lights and accessories, in addition to changing the direction in which the fans are blowing.

9. Aromas of spring: Cleanliness is something to be charged with all the senses and there is nothing as attractive as a home that smells good. Instead of spending money on sprays and other products, you can try to create your own forms of perfume the air. You can use a cauldron with flower essences or even placed in a bowl a medley of dried flowers, cinnamon and cloves to spread its delicious scent everywhere.

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