Monday, March 28, 2016

Safe Baby Bed Design for Our Lovely Baby

Here are some tips to election of the crib, so the baby can have a comfortable baby bed design, but also safe.
• Choose baby bed/cots where there is no door pull or not there is the side that can be opened. It will keep the baby so that later can not open by itself.
• Choose from steel baby bed instead of iron. Iron is feared to have rust, iron rust and course materials harmful to the infant salvation. Choose cots with appropriate size with the age of the baby. Do not be too broad, because it will take some indoor rooms and also do not be too narrow because it can make the baby stress.
• Try to be in bed expansion. Means cots can change shape in terms of size adjusted to the age of the baby. This is quite important, because the crib that can be in the expansion is one of the characteristics or features of a quality baby bed. Of course it will also save you the cost, because no longer have to buy a baby bed when your baby grows bigger.
• Choose a crib that has wheeled feet it is beneficial for parents gar more easily move the crib, but make sure that the wheels have the foot of the bed a strong lock, to prevent baby rolling bed by themselves without parental consent.
• Keep the baby bed design has a storage area to facilitate parents in taking baby supplies, such as extra blankets, baby diapers, and others. It is related to the efficiency of you as parents.
• Choose a crib that can be set to position the mat. When a new baby was born a few weeks, the position of the mattress can be set higher, but when baby can sit up, the position of the baby mattress can be lowered, and when the baby can stand, position the mattress can be lowered even lower.
• Choose netting premises length exceeds baby bed or crib, and pick bottom netting, it is that the baby is completely protected from mosquitoes.
• a safe distance bars are < 6 cm , it is to avoid in order to avoid baby wedged in the bars.
• In the selection of mattresses, use a good quality mattress can also waterproof. But do not choose a mattress that is too soft for SIDS was decrease syndrome, or baby face goes down accordingly.
• Size of baby bedding should not be interrupted or distance with cots part, this is also to avoid the baby or her body parts pinched. So, make sure the mattress size really fit with the size cots.
• Use a cotton blanket, but do not be too thin nor too thick, it is for the baby can sleep comfortably. Both in terms of cotton baby sweat absorption.
• Babies prefer one-way movement. So if you can, choose a crib that can be swung, so the baby can sleep comfortably.
• Make sure the bolts that connect securely cots, and check it periodically. This cots avoid off by itself due to baby’s activity .
• Keep the baby bed design from the power jack or window blinds . So no cots positioned too close to the window.

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