Monday, March 28, 2016

Some Ideas to Design a Longue Room

A living room or called as a lounge room exactly is an important room of the home. It provides comfort and elegance in the home. Even sometimes the lounge room doesn’t only function as that, it is also often used for family room where all family members collect here and talk each other while watching TV. In the modern concept, the lounge room is precisely designed not separated with the dining room. These aren’t limited with any partitions. Well, the following are some ideas to design a lounge room in order to look fresher and eye catching.

Add an Accent of the Wall
Choose a focal point for the room instead of Television such as a painting touch, a fireplace or an general pieces of furniture. You can use accents wall that are painted with colors which contrasts with the room’s another walls to get the highlight of the object. For the contemporary display, you can try orange, intense red or calming dark gray. These are bold colors that have incredible sharpness in the lounge room. Get the traditional route with brown, burgundy or even green in tones.Re-Invent the Furniture
You don’t need to replace all furniture in the lounge room now. In the contrary, you can change it for lesser than $ 100. Buy and get the slipcover for the dull sofa. Slipcovers are available in many markets area and make sure that you choose them with colorful motifs not to make the room looks boring. Another idea to design a lounge room can be done by repaint and sand down the TV console or coffee table. If you feel bold with it, go for some brighter colors is the best choice too. Okay, let’s practice at home and make your lounge room becomes more wonderful with DIY designing methods above.

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