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Welcome The Clean and Fragrant Laundry Room

Laundry Room – Until ten years ago, the activities of which consist of laundry washing and ironing is still categorized as an activity ‘behind’. Areas where domestic assistant working in the area wet and sometimes slippery by detergent spills. Washing machine is still considered to be waste, unused electrical power produced only laundry that (he) was not as clean as the result of human washing. Activity is still being ironed domains household assistant behind. But that was then.
When good clothes and expensive so it needs every day social life, it is not willing to release it in the hands of household assistant to care for and clean. Laundry appliance is growing perfectly. Increased cleaning ability follow the new features that need to clean up our beloved expensive clothes. At this moment, the human city began thinking of creating a comfortable space for a laundry operated by the owner.
In some modern homes, the laundry room to be a liaison between the area inside and outside the service area. No longer just a corner at the back of the house is not visible, this area became the center management soiled clothes and linens are generated every day by households. Homeowners can use it without having to get out of their comfort zone. Assistant households can also access it at any given moment to perform activities of washing and ironing. Location of the laundry room, not far from the main living zone helps simplify operations by homeowners must be willing to work washing the iron itself. The length of time that sometimes must be spent on washing and ironing, make a laundry room even has a comfort that can only be matched by the master bedroom. Elements such as TVs and air conditioning became standard features that must be present, for the convenience of homeowners who work in it.
So what is needed so that the laundry room can fulfill its function as well as to blend in with the design of the house must have been thought through?
1 . Position the laundry room in a fairly remote area of the main room, but still easily accessible when needed at any time. In more than one story house laundry rooms are often positioned on the 2nd floor, so no need to go up and down stairs to reach the basking area is generally located on the same floor . At the time of the slave was not available, the position on the 2nd floor to save energy and reduce the time required to manage the dirty clothes and linen everyday.
2 . Smooth air circulation becomes an important requirement laundry room, enough wind openings and windows that can be opened at any time strongly supports the activities in it. Add exhaust on the outside walls to help circulate air from the inside to the outside. Some of the added air conditioning in the laundry room, so homeowners no longer hesitate to move without having to sweat because of the heat that is usually collected in it.
3 . Provide adequate lighting. Sometimes laundry activities should be done at night, so the light is necessary not only as general illumination but also to help accuracy at the time of ironing activity.
4 . Such as bathrooms, floors and some walls lined laundry room with ceramic or tile to protect from damp which will shorten the life of the paint coating. Use anti- slip floor, so slick with soap and water splashes that may occur can be reduced. Choose a neutral color or even the same as floor coatings in this room that can easily become part of the main house.
5 . Current washer is a feature that is very affordable household. Some are equipped with the ability to dry clothes so as to facilitate the work. Prepare electrical outlet with a protective waterproof, to reduce the risk of short circuit due to unintended contact between the water and electricity sources that may occur . The washer should be positioned adjacent to the wall facing out so it does not interfere with sound or vibration major activity in the house.
6 . Several types of fabrics should not be washed by machine, still need water and human hands to clean. Prepare a wet area in the laundry room for washing activities are sometimes required with conventional bathtubs with a large enough size as the tap water nearby. Separated by large distances between the dry area (washing machine + iron) and wet areas (sinks). It’s good to put a wet area with a reduced lower floor, so that water does not enter the area dry. Provide adequate drainage holes so that water does not stagnate can flow freely to the outside.
7 . Area board should be placed near a window, so that the hot air can flow freely. Allow sufficient space freely, so that when folded and ironed clothes no motion area actors maintain comfort when ironing.
8 . Provide storage area in the laundry room. Can be a closet for linens and other household materials, or long for the clothes hanger is neat and fragrant. Put a storage area near the table where the activity board, making it easily affordable and streamline the work order. There’s good storage space is also provided simple sewing, so the laundry room can also be used as a place to do minor repairs to clothes being cleaned. Such as buttoning clothes or fix some parts that need care.
9 . Finally, add some decoration to the laundry room can be ‘first class’ parallel to another room in your home. There is no harm in putting plants in pots or wall hangings that can make your laundry room comfortable and pleasing to the eye.
Goodbye wet and dirty room, welcome the clean and fragrant laundry room!

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