Monday, March 28, 2016

Window Ideas for Your Home

If your house feels dull and boring, a renovation might be the answer. But changing the look on your windows can also be the solution. There are some window ideas you can implement at home.

Simple Window Ideas
Some window ideas are so simple, you can do it yourself.
• Paint your windows with jewel tone colors, such as coral and emerald green. This creates a lush atmosphere in the room and it works great with metal windows.
• Let the sunlight in. Open your drapes and letting the light in would create a stunning effect to your room.Balancing the Drapes
Drapes play an important thing to complete your window ideas makeover. Not only they give you privacy, you can also play with the drapes designs.
• Combine linen with natural elements, such as bamboo, wood, or wicker. This will brings a natural look to any room in your house.
• Choose drapes with metal colors accents, such as gold, silver, and bronze. Pairing these with natural furniture will create a classic look.
• Layer the shades. You can create silhouettes by arranging furniture. The shadows of the drapes combining with the furniture will create a dramatic effect and adding more personality to your room.

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