Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dining Room and Kitchen Design Minimalist

Design minimalist dining room and kitchen – are now more popular as the concept of interior in contemporary homes. Use of kitchen and dining room designs not always have to take up much space and seemed dirty. The kitchen is used for everyday cooking can be a cozy kitchen to cook even though the size may be too broad.

Selection of the dining room and kitchen design minimalist generally well adapted to the concept of occupancy. Existence in a residential kitchen is vital, so it cannot be separated from the initial concept of a housing built.For more reference you in getting the dining room and kitchen design modern minimalist and simple, here we give several designs dining room that we have collected from several sources.

For residential-type minimalist, living room with dining area is generally not sealed to the wall so it will give the impression of your dwelling. Design of the dining room is also important because it is where you get together with the whole family to eat together. So the following tips to make the dining room and kitchen design minimalist your own.

The selection of furniture dining table. Choose the right shape and model of table you want. Choose a dining table that match the size of your dining room design. It should avoid choosing a dining table with a very large size. Choose a dining table that emphasize functional with merely decorative. For example, on the dining table there is a round table to place a vegetable side dish and placed. Also choose a comfortable chair dining table for you and your family. Tips in downloading the dining room and kitchen design should be minimalist, choose dining table designs are compatible with the concept of the dining room and kitchen design minimalist kitchen design such as color and wall color sets and your dining room interior.

The selection of the type, design or style of kitchen. Many kitchen concepts are offered as traditional concepts, modern and exceptional concept. The usual concepts such as the use of the kitchen with the impression of normal home use kitchen appliances are considered less minimalist set. Here still use plate rack with a large size that it will take up much space. As for the traditional concept, here is more emphasized with the use of combined interior kitchen set is used. You can choose a classic wood interior design. New concept, you can also combine it with dining table of teak wood and the like. It is a combination dining room and kitchen design minimalist classic traditional style. As for the type of occupancy now many are using the dining room and kitchen design modern minimalist. This type of kitchen is the kitchen function in suppression dwelling itself. Be smart in choosing a set of kitchen set that takes up little space with lots of drawers. This confirms the concept of minimalism in your kitchen. Now there are many designs and models of kitchen set that you can choose according to your taste and pocket.

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