Sunday, April 10, 2016

Enjoying Romantic Dinner with Romantic Dining Room Design

Romantic Dining Room Design – One of the most romantic and favorite places for a date with your loved one and express love in the heart is the idol of the dining room. So it is not surprising that the designer dining room also always try to bring this impression on every space built or designed.

To produce the impression of a more beautiful, romantic feel is sometimes combined with traditional style and space used is not always in an enclosed space, but also in an open space. Even with creating a romantic atmosphere, the results obtained draft designs can be great and special.

On this occasion I would like to share a romantic dinner table two designs. The first design is the design for lovers. While the other design is a design dining table for more than one partner.

Table for lovers. Consists of two chairs and a table. With a minimalist design dining room looks sweet and pretty. Especially with the addition of chandeliers mounted as if not finished installed. Wiring of the lights on top of a pole and rolled left to different heights. In addition to the floor and walls are made of wood so as to create the impression of cool in the dining room and made ​​sure the windows so that the room can keep the sun and wind can get into.

The colors in the dining room is not monotone then the room that has the majority of the brown color is given a touch of red in each decoration ornaments such as vases, lamps, cable, and also put a table where the plate. With a mix of brown and red dining room also looks cute and add a romantic impression when you eat together with a partner.
The next romantic dining room design is the design of outdoor dining table. But the romantic impression created in this space is not only aimed at lovers who are in love, but also for some other people such as family, friends or relatives. So romantic impression presented is more universal.

This can be seen with the use of a smaller number of seats than two. In addition to the dining table that is used also has a larger size. Likewise, eating utensils such as cups and plates are also much more. This table covered with a white linen cloth and comes with a cleaning cloth with the same color and displayed with a very beautiful arrangement. At the center of the table, there is a red flower decoration that is placed on a vase. Besides looks more bright and cheerful, the use of red flowers could also reduce the impression of monotony in the table view is dominated by the color white.

Seats used to use material from wood to frame and legs. As for the seat and backrest using woven from rattan material. Although the shape and the look is not too fancy, but with a design like this would be able to make this comfortable chair to serve as seating. Moreover, rattan has a more flexible nature makes your back will not be easy and fast ass sore and tired.

In order not to look so lonely, this dining gazebo used close to a building that is located not so far with dining table and chairs. Gazebo for relaxing is equipped with foam for seat and backrest cushions for. All adopted by a white cloth. Drapery of the same material and color are also mounted on the top on each side.
The main romantic dining room design impression that emerges from lighting to bring out the yellow light is not so bright, but dim light. The same was done on building a gazebo. Some small lights are placed on the edge, create impression and eminent cooler but still excited.

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