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Perfect Girls Bedroom Design

Girls bedroom design had a different theme or performance with boy rooms. Usually the girls rooms are often decorated with various colors that seem more alive, or even girls often make design her room with a particular theme, such as Doraemon theme or Hello kitty. Girls bedroom is not only a place to sleep and rest, but the daughter’s room often turns into multifunction room, such as a gathering place with friends.

Girls room actually have more life and more attractive in terms of design. So in this post I will share how girls bedroom design. Because sometimes we often think how to actually design an attractive room for the girls, let’s look at this article taken.
Here are some tips to consider in designing girls room
Theme. It is one thing that should be taken into account in making the girls room , girls bedroom interior like the funny stuff, like Flower themed rooms, royal princess, or a funny cartoon themed. You can ask them directly on the room design theme about what they like, so you will get easily set.
Color. Note the color of the rooms , kids rooms girls bedroom is usually more life with the combination of various colors, usually girls like the colors that seem cheerful colors such as pink, soft red, yellow, orange, blue sea. Combine colors so well that her room quite like to live.

Bedroom wall designs. For the girl room wall decorations usually like full on the wall. So for this decoration you can choose specific wallpaper as your inspiration to apply to the girl bedroom walls, use a beautiful and cute wallpaper, poster placement and the use of beautiful and pretty pictures is also a good idea of girls bedroom design.

Furniture. The existence of furniture also invite its own charm in a child’s bedroom, to choose a girls bedroom furniture unique and attractive, such as sofas , tables , beds , chairs and mirrors. To get a unique bedroom design girls you do not worry, now there is a lot of the furniture that provides their room furniture minimalist, cute, beautiful and simple.

Lighting. For girl bedroom, lighting is supporting thing. Bright lighting is better for her room. Lighting will makes the detail of the room raising, and a good lighting will make the room cheerful. They are wasting time there, like playing or reading. So you have to put good lighting there.
Examples of Girl Bedroom Design

For more fair, you can see what the usual picture drawn your daughter on her book, or what is the favorite color of your daughter, is also an inspiration for you in designing girls bedroom. Choose and arrange your girl bedroom together. It will increase their creativity and you will know how far your girl ideas and capability. As parents you should do this. Perfect design that include in some tips there will help your girl growth. Here I will show you some pictures of girls bedroom designs with several themes that can apply in your girl bedroom.

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