Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spare Bedroom Ideas

Spare Bedroom Ideas are suitable for preparing the room for the guests. You can change your spare bedroom into inviting guest room, comfortable with these helpful organizing and decorating tips. The first is cutting out the clutter. Your spare bedroom is usually as the ground of dumping for all the junk. You may not know what to do with. Before your guest comes to your house, you should clean all the clutter in that room. If you never use the item in a long time more than one year, most of people probably will not use it. Then, 
you should give a new coat of paint. Paint it again will revitalize your spare bedroom and create everything inside the room looks new and fresh.

You can use the color naturally such as taupe for creating you spare room looks more spacious than before or cool blue and green for the relaxing vibe. To paint the ceiling in the color of contrasting can also create the room looks larger. The third step is airing out the mattress.

 You can quite easy refresh your old mattress by take out and lay out in the sunshine for a day. The bacteria and odor will be killed by the sun. You can open up also the windows of the room and let the air fills the room completely. The fourth is splurge on bedding. You should pay attention to a little extra for the set of sheet of high thread count, the plus guest towel and the cozy comforter. Make your guests have the feeling that they are sleeping in the hotel with upscale. The fifth step is keeping the simple furniture. The stock of the bathroom and putting together of visitor guide are the last step for making your guest enjoy your Spare Bedroom Ideas

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