Sunday, April 10, 2016

Traditional Living Room Design

In the development of modern and contemporary style in a residential décor, traditional living room design styles remain among the most in demand. Decorating a living room that reflects the warmth, comfort and familiarity is the reason some people decorate her house with traditional living room design.

Traditional interior is easy to be placed because it has a very specific look. The decor tends to focus on the classics and use the old stuff. The colors most frequently used are beige and brown with a slight variation. A special element to the traditional decorations, the living room is carpet. Traditional rug has a pattern easily distinguishable and they show a mix of warm colors and patterns are a little tricky.1. Shades of soft yellow living room reflect the warmth and familiarity of family.
2. White color that reflects an elegant look not bring a rigid on the living room decor.
3. Orange brown slightly warm yellow colors combined create a comfortable, traditionally decorated living room.
4. The dining room is not integral to the living room and kitchen in accordance with traditional style decor chord which allows family members to interact familiar.

However, this traditional decorations have tenderness which allows them to bring warmth. Traditional living room also has a fireplace often. Traditional living room gives a very beautiful detail and make the whole room look outstanding.

Traditional style living room is also often determined by the use of strong furniture such as sofas and upholstered chairs. Presented with comfortable pieces, furniture and other elements that contribute to the overall atmosphere warmer. In addition to the typical architectural details such as an elegant decoration, also presented accessories, including pendants or even chandeliers. Artwork on the walls and decorative flowers on the table can also be used as inspiration. There are variations of the decorations and different influences.

The house is made ​​from wood has always been a comfortable place for bring natural and traditional atmosphere inside. Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc. who was in Ottawa has designed its latest project with the theme of traditional wooden houses and rustic. Connect the outside world to the interior of this house, with vertical and horizontal glass walls allow a wide open view. Blend with the natural beauty of the indoor room of the house.

To ensure the comfort that accompanies this traditional-style rooms, concrete floors exposed to sunlight creates a comfortable interior environment.

Wooden furniture with traditional detail and contrast textured fabric with a minimalist backdrop. An arrangement of walls with white cabinets that flows through the kitchen and interconnected, from the living room and dining room, adding architectural interest and storage fashionable and minimalist.

The ceilings are very high compared to some of the designs we’ve seen before. This is traditional living room design and decoration used must be very classy and sophisticated. Traditional feel comes from the furniture and ornaments. Classic cabinets and drawers are made ​​of wood. Also, the fireplace and the chair would look very traditional.

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