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A small kitchen decorating

A small kitchen decorating – Many homes now, both old and new, have a small to very small kitchen. Land prices are sky high and there is soon saved on the kitchen floor. It is then up to the new residents of house or apartment for space still as possible to arrange. Because usually open galleys, just the face while playing such an important role in the efficiency. Then it comes to the field of kitchen cabinets, equipment, and workspace design. The right choices Fortunately, there are still a lot of creative solutions.
What is a small kitchen?

Officially, a kitchen that is smaller than 14 m² regarded as a small kitchen. Many people of Dutch (new) homes would, however, his hands squeezing in a kitchen of more than 10 m². An area of 7 or 8 m² is very normal and less than that is simply forIt is no coincidence that small kitchens kitchens are often open. They remain small, as can be. Certain activities and stuff more easily moved to the living room is precisely to keep them open
That means that a portion of the living room one must engage. When designing a small kitchen When designing the kitchen that you all continue to determine which features in the kitchen itself and which are not, although that is often indicates itself.
The location of the kitchen

How difficult the establishment of a small kitchen precisely, also depends on where it is situated in the house. There are several possibilities.

    In some homes and often in apartments, there is not really there is a separate room. It is more so that there is a kitchen unit is placed in a corner of the living room. Frankly, this is still a reasonably favorable option. It allows you to determine how much space you reserve for the kitchen. May be able to secrete this through a bar, anywhere tables, a worksheet and any other devices attached. From the living area
    Less often happens that the kitchen in a passage between a dining room and a sitting room is placed. The advantage of this is that the table can stand. To the window The downside is that you get a very small kitchen, which is largely dependent on artificial light.
    In most cases, however, the small kitchen in a bulge of the living room, which is caused by the adjacent hall. The shape of the kitchen is more or less fixed. It is in this case rarely a good idea to place the kitchen elsewhere because you can not easily use. The space for something else In this situation, there will usually be a corner kitchen.

The last two options give more problems with the device than the first.
The design of small kitchen

As mentioned two things play an important role in designing a small kitchen: efficiency and face. The crux is to use without having to get a cluttered or stuffed loft. Available space as well as possible Therefore you will be asked some creativity in designing a small kitchen, but it is also important that the prospective owners have their priorities right by one. Only then can the right choices are made.

The following issues when designing a small kitchen is important:

    Slim storage
    As much as possible workspace creation
    Spatial effects
    A careful choice of the equipment

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