Monday, March 28, 2016

Amazing Underground Garage Design

Want to have more space in your yard, but are confused about where to put the car. Well, now there is a new trend of an underground garage design that can hide your car.

Named Pop – Up Cardok Garage, the system uses a hydraulic system that is not noisy. The system dig a big hole to accommodate the car. By default, the garage will be open and the car lifted from underground. Your car can go up and down simply by pressing the button. When you do not need it, the car can be stored in the basement, so it does not take up page space.The idea was inspired from old school series Thunderbirds. There are aircraft hangar stored in underground Tracy Island. The hangar can be up and drop off a rocket launcher. And will be very efficient when applied in your home.

Operation is easy, simply by pressing the button on the electronic key, as well as your car keys.

Cardok Managing Director, Alastair Soper said, ” Cardok 100 percent secure, far more efficient than a regular garage, and the vehicle is completely protected,” he said as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Your home page can also be beautiful, because it can be used as a roof garden, and you can put the plant, while underneath your car safely parked.

Or if you have more than one car, Cardok also be nested, so that in one area of ​​the page, you can park two cars at once.

Besides being able to accommodate the car, in the garage elevator system also can collect rainwater to be absorbed into the underground without damaging the car. All this is possible because of the sewer system is also designed to channel special.

There are several things to consider in making an under
First. Land area. Narrow area of ​​land in urban areas is very suitable for the garage this model.
Second. Budget. Models underground garage with hydraulic system is one of the cutting-edge innovations that would require an expensive cost. Therefore, when you want to design your garage into an underground garage you need to be sure you have enough budget for it. Therefore consult with people who are experts in their field so your program to make manifest the underground garage with an appropriate allocation of funds.
Making this garage will cost about U.S. $ 70,000 or about Rp632 million. Mono for Cardok type can accommodate one car with a tag of U.S. $ 61,000 or about Rp551 million. For more than one car using Multi Cardok, at a price of U.S. $ 72,000 or about Rp650 million. This garage can withstand loads up to 10 tons or 10,000 pounds.
Third. Utilization of the garage roof. The underground garage will allow you to add land to garden. You can use the garage roof to another room or garden.
Fourth. In applying the concept of hydraulic garage should be aligned with the model house to make it look more beautiful and attractive. This underground garage design is more suitable if you are a home design modern home design.

ground garage design.

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