Monday, March 28, 2016

Small Home Library Design

Penchant for reading is a positive activity. Making small home library design is one way to support your hobby when you only have a small space in the house. Positive suggestions that I give is, the existence of a narrow space in your home is not an obstacle to develop your hobby. You can try to design a library for your favorite books at home. There are several advantages if you create a library at home.

Facilitate your reading hobby
When someone has a hobby of reading, a day without reading the same as a day without eating. Even for those who have a hobby of reading, they are more likely to buy books instead of buying accessories or home furnishings. By having a mini library at home, your favorite books got the right place, neat and activities of your daily reading will be comfortable .Utilization of narrow spaces
Your minimalist home will be more beautiful with rows of books are arranged neatly on your library shelf. Do not worry about choosing where to put your books. Mini-library can be set at the bottom of the stairs of your house. Making that follows the contours of the ladder rack and put a sofa or reading chair there and do not forget put reading lamp that can facilitate you to read the book. Terrace of your house can also be designed for libraries. Configured in a glass barrier between the patio and the garden will increase your spirit for reading. Reading while seeing the sights of the park, how fun it is.

Hone the ability to choose the design bookshelf
In this era,  offering creative bookshelf design. Start from the bookshelf for a large room until design for small spaces. Bookcase was not always box shaped like a cupboard in general. You can design your bookshelves with circular shapes, abstract and come from a variety of materials. Of course, all depends on your taste and your budget. By the time you specify bookshelf design, note the shelf with room balance. Give the lights at some point of your shelf to reinforce the shape and radiate the beauty of your library.

Familiarize reading habits earlier
If you have a child/toddler, invite them to reading is very helpful and pleasant. When their reading habits inculcated since childhood, later on when they grow up habits that have nurtured properly. The character of the kids are imitating. If the parents often use the time for reading in the library, the children certainly will follow your habit of reading in the library. They do not have far to go to the public library, just at home utilizing the facilities that provided as small home library design.

There are a few things you should consider in making the library at home:

    Structuring the right book. Choose books by type so that you are easy to find and organize.
    Adequate lighting. When you read don’t use dim lighting because it will damage your eyes.
    Air circulation. Although your home and small library, give room for air circulation for your convenience.
    Keeping moisture book. Provide a gap between the bookcase and the wall can be easier to care for and maintain your humidity book. In addition, you can also provide air-conditioning for the book remain supple. Laying flowers at the corner of the room to live your small home library design will help you save your money if you do not provide air conditioning.

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