Sunday, April 10, 2016

Eccentric and Oriental Design with Jar Design Ideas

Interior design is affected by the arrangement of furniture and home decoration. The decoration of the house is a certain satisfaction and can save costs. Home decorating is not easy, especially if your house is narrow. Wrong arrangement and layout will make your home not beauty.

One of the furniture that can help you beautify the room is the jar. In terms of shape, already has a beautiful jar design ideas. Combine with a variety of motifs and carvings and beautiful, this becomes elegant design. Jar not only fill an empty corner of the room. The decorative elements are also able to change your space more beautiful. Especially when placed in the empty corner of your living room. It is not possible that jars become the center of attention in the room. Jar can create the impression of an eccentric and oriental design.

There are a few things you should consider in laying the jar to make it look attractive and functional:
1. Area. In putting jars as ornaments or decorations in the room, you have to adjust the size of the room to the size of jars. Do not put the jars in your room anywhere despite widespread. A large jar should be placed on the floor, standing side by side with Entertaining console or side of the cabinet. Jar will serve as a gap filler. If a small jar, can be treated the same as the frame. Placed the jars side by side with the frame located on the console. In the placement of jar should be the corner space or can be processed so that the jars can be processed into media art that can beautify the room.

2. Composition. In display jar design ideas, you can display the jar more than one. In order not to damage your beautiful room, the jars should be regulated. For example, high-sized jars placed in the back and lower in the front in order to remain visible detail and color of the jars ornaments. In addition, you can take the shape of the same color. Set the jar based on originated, it will show the historical value of the jar.

3. Arrangement. In the jar arrangement does not have always be in the corner of the room. Jars can be placed in the middle of the room in addition to being a sweetener to be excellent look.4. What about put flowers in the jar? In my opinion, do not put flowers into the jar if the jar has a diverse and bustling motif. Because if the jar motif is beautiful and fascinating, it will reduce the jar elegance.

There are many kind types of jars that can be used to decorate your home.
1 . Clay Jars.
2 . Copper and brass jars.
3 . Ceramics jars.

Which one do you want to apply in your house? To choose which type do you want to use, consideration is taste, design and budget. If you have more interesting ideas about the jar design ideas. Please share here.

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